Speaking Tour

After a break of multiple years, another Speaking Tour took place in 2019 jointly organised by FFIPP Bordeaux, FFIPP Grenoble, FFIPP Paris and FFIPP Netherlands as was done in the past in order to raise awareness among the public and strengthen our educational network.

These tours include mainly Israeli and Palestinian academics or NGO’s workers as speakers and are meant to engage the general public in conversation regarding the situation on the ground. Each conference tour tackles the situation in Israel and Palestine through a specific angle, allowing to understand the issue and to attract people who do not have, at first glance, a peculiar interest for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

During each of these conferences a valuable time is dedicated to an open dialogue between the audience and the speakers. Therefore, these conferences came to be an important platform to dissect the latest news, understand the strategic aspects of the conflict at different scales (local, regional, global), and think about the implications of the international community in this conflict.

Unfortunately, this year’s speaking tour does not include a conference in Switzerland but you can learn more about the different events on FFIPP Europe’s website.