FFIPP was founded in 2002 by Israeli and Palestinian academics seeking to inform the general public in universities about the situation on the ground. It was initially composed by faculties in Palestine, Israel, Europe and the United States of America committed to a just peace and dialogue in the Middle East. 2006 marked the beginning of our internship program, further incorporating and emphasizing the involvement of students around the globe.

Since then, the organization has gone through a number of reflective changes, including the decision to change our name from Faculty For Israeli-Palestinian Peace to Educational Network for Human Rights in Palestine/Israel, with the acronym FFIPP remaining as a recognition of our history.

These changes were related to the understanding that we should base ourselves on Human Rights Law considering that the term “Peace” had been used abundantly in political initiatives and not necessarily contributing to the protection of dignity or for the implementation of justice. There was also a clear understanding that the conflict is not constituted only by two sides but rather, is a complex regional problem with many actors involved and affected.

FFIPP – Educational Network for Human Rights in Palestine/Israel therefore fully encapsulates the values and mission we seek to uphold.