Guiding Principles

FFIPP Switzerland is morally committed to FFIPP Europe and thus fully supports FFIPP Europe’s Guiding Principles as they are stated below.

FFIPP Europe’s Guiding Principles

FFIPP is grounded in International Law.

As such, it recognizes the injustices committed since 1948. It condemns settlements and their expansions. It stands for the complete withdrawal of Israel from all occupied territories.

1. FFIPP-Europe supports the end of all forms of occupation. This encompasses both material (land, resources) and immaterial (history, language, education) forms of occupation.

2. FFIPP-Europe stands against the concept and process of normalization. It acknowledges that there can be no peace without substantive justice.

3. FFIPP-Europe is committed to intersectionality and inclusivity. It condemns all forms of discrimination including anti-semitism, islamophobia, racism, and gender based violence.

4. FFIPP-Europe maintains equitable policies with partner organizations and upholds transparency within its work.

5. FFIPP-Europe acknowledges its position of privilege as an international organization on the ground. It is actively critical of ethnocentrism and embraces open mindedness.