Educational Summer Programme

The FFIPP Educational Summer Programme is an intensive, on the ground, eye-opening learning experience with the primary goals of education, network-building and discussion in Palestine/Israel. The program includes a week-long orientation and a one month internship in Palestinian and Israeli grassroots organizations, research centers, universities, and human rights organizations.

Our offer

  • 1-month internship at one of our partner organisations in the West Bank or Israel
  • An orientation week prior to the internship where you will visit Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Ramallah, Hebron, Nablus, Haifa as well as refugee camps, and meet with actors with different backgrounds and perspectives
  • Housing and coordination from FFIPP during the programme
  • Involvement in an active worldwide student network
  • The ability to develop organisational and fundraising skills
  • The ability to raise awareness for human rights in an academic setting


  • Student enrolled in a Swiss university. Students enrolled in another university in Europe, the United States, Canada or Brazil can check our their possibilities on the websites or facebook pages of the respective chapters.
  • Interested in international relations, human rights etc.
  • Availability to organise events throughout the year after the end of the summer programme
  • Ability to join the FFIPP Preparation weekend in France in June 2019
  • Available for the entirety of the five-week Educational Summer Programme that usually takes place between July and August 
  • Motivated and available to become active within the international FFIPP network
  • A personal insurance