Educational Summer Programme 2017

The 2017 Educational Summer Programme included 27 students from more than 15 universities in Europe and North America coming together for the summer internship. Students were divided into six locations where they lived in groups, depending on the location of their internships.

During the week-long orientation, students met with academics, activists, refugees, and other
actors involved in the wider Israeli/Palestinian conflict in order to gain diverse views on the
conflict and understand its many components and layers.

Orientation week provides students with a nuanced understanding of the complexities of the
region and encourages students to develop strong skills to apply to a month long internship
with one of FFIPP’s partner organisations.

The type of internships varied from human rights organisations, to working in refugee
camps, reporting for journals and and implementing social media campaigns. We provided
accommodation for candidates to live in 6 different cities for 4 weeks whilst completing their