About Us

What is FFIPP – Educational Network for Human Rights in Palestine/Israel?

FFIPP-Switzerland is part of a non-governmental and non-profit international network of students working to raise awareness about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the FFIPP-Educational Network for Human Rights in Palestine/Israel. 

Today, our network has expanded throughout the world including local chapters in France (Bordeaux, Grenoble and Paris), Switzerland, The Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Italy, the United States of America and Brazil.

Our mission

FFIPP is an organisation led by and directed towards students with the aim of increasing the understanding of individuals regarding the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and the human rights violations in the region.

Through its educational network, it aims at raising awareness of the academic community and the general public regarding the complexities of the conflict based on International Public Law and International Human Rights Law.

Our main goal is to get students acquainted with the different components of the conflict. We offer them the possibility to go on the ground by participating in our five-week Educational Summer Programme as the starting point for their involvement with the association. Once the students have returned to their respective countries, they continue their learning process within the framework of the local chapters such as FFIPP-Switzerland. This involves further personal enquiries, sharing of experiences and raising awareness by organising events throughout the year.

The Swiss Chapter

FFIPP Switzerland was created in 2010 becoming a constituent of FFIPP Europe, composed of six chapters throughout the continent. Each year, several students from across the chapters are recruited to participate in the summer program and later engage in activities within their respective universities.

The Swiss Chapter is based in Geneva but while our activities are mainly focused on Geneva, the Swiss Chapter differentiates itself from most other chapters insofar as we also welcome members from other cities in Switzerland.